by William Henry Smyth

Sketch of the present state of the Island of Sardinia⇒

London 1828

John Murray, Albermarle-Street

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by Google Earth
A spacious bay, with deep water, stretches from Testa Grossa to Monte Rosso, a bold headland of red granite, at the foot of which is a barren rock, called the Isoletta.
Danilo Loriga - The coast from Santa Teresa to Rena Maiore (Monte Russu in the foreground)
by Google Earth - the bay between the Russu and Vignola mountains
Matteo Merlin - Monti Russu
On either side of the cape, a long tract of sand runs some distance inland, the one called Arena maggiore [Rena Majore], the other Arena minore [Rena Minore]; both are easily distinguished from the offing, and mark the locality.
Matteo Aisoni - Rena Majore
Matteo Mannoni - Rena Majore
by Alessandra Assom
Michele Testini - Vignola bay
Thence to the westward, an indented beach, with an islet off it called Cannella, extends to Vignola, a small port, supposed to be the Elephantaria of the itinerary: here the coral boats repair for shelter and for water, and lie tolerably secure near the round tower.

A few huts constitute the only coast habitations from Longo Sardo to Castel Sardo, a distance of upwards of thirty miles.

The space between Vignola and Santa Reparata is a barren waste, but towards Coguinas presents a hilly, woody, uncultivated tract.

Gianni GDO - Vignola
Marianna Pilo - Vignola
At the back of Vignola is a fine valley with beautiful wild olive trees and vines, fertilized by a river meandering through it, the banks of which are literally covered with tortoises.
by Pino54 - behind the Naracu Nieddu beach
by Pino54 - behind the Naracu Nieddu beach
Bounding these grounds, are the precipitous crags of Monte Cucuru [Cùccaru], of which Cape Monte Fava, the next point on the coast, is a ramification. This range, till very lately, was infested with banditti, who built a village in a difficult fastness, from whence they could not be expelled; some however died off, others were pardoned, and the vicinity is now tolerably quiet.
by Google Earth - Monte Cuccaru
own photo - Mount Cuccaru, the famous refuge of the Gallura bandits
From point Vignola, a sterile, iron-bound coast, of forbidding aspect, trends away to the westward as far as Cape Monte Fava; then follows a cove ending in the point and tower of Monfronara, off which lies the bare rock called Isola Rossa.
Gianni Careddu - Isola rossa



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